Sakhile Community Development Centre

Ordem e´progresso


"Ordem   e´ progresso" –

Moving Forward Together


SCDC mission is, "in conjunction with various stakeholders, government departments, corporate world, individuals we create youth empowerment initiatives in youth skills development, combating poverty, reducing unemployment and creating jobs that focuses mainly in youth skills development." 


SCDC vision is, "to accelerate societal problem-driven solutions to the nation through meaningful and touching lives interventions like education, scarce skills development, poverty alleviation projects."

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I always felt very bad that I was the only successful youth person in my community and it felt bad if I see youth lost hope and embarked in drugs and some of them I was with them in high school etc. some of them I don’t even know; but I got their development in my heart and I want to see them changing their lives for better with your help; that is why I decided to take a decision to register this organisation as a Non-Profit Organisation registered under the National Department of Social Development in Pretoria.

 Registering this organisation was not easy because the registration documents were rejected more than three (3) times; anyway I was not surprised because it was the first time doing this and I did not despair because I had this idea in my mind of changing other people's lives for the better.

I have a constitution of the organization with its objectives approved by the National Department of Social Development among other objectives they range from youth skills development like plumbing, bricklaying, netting, sewing school uniforms, poultry farming, basic electricity, computer skills and commercial gardening and for poverty alleviation in our communities, to count few project objectives. For the above skills training we have identified 50 youth persons with the funding obtained from the KZN Social Development, the youth is currently at Mthashana FET college studying.